Skin Problems That You Can Solve With CBD

CBD and Psoriasis

If you deal with psoriasis, a common skin condition which often results in red patches that are itchy and sometimes painful, you probably have felt frustrated when looking for a solution for your skin. Psoriasis is a disease that doesn’t have a cure yet, but various therapies do exist to mitigate its symptoms. A lot can be done to alleviate the symptoms by adjusting your lifestyle, maintaining a balanced diet and with moderate exposure to the sun. CBD cannabinoid is also becoming an increasingly popular natural remedy for psoriasis outbreaks and several studies have shown the effect it has on decelerating skin cell division. CBD cannabinoid also has anti-inflammatory properties which additionally soothe psoriasis conditions.

Acne and skin impurities – CBD’s double effect

Acne and skin impurities are not exclusive to teenagers, they often occur in adulthood as well. Most commonly the causes of adult acne are hormonal imbalances, stress, an unhealthy diet, and improper skincare. Their formation is caused by an increased secretion of sebum (tallow). Sebum normally plays an important role in skin protection, but when the skin produces too much of it, it can also cause unwanted acne. Our fight against acne can take place on multiple levels - with a healthy diet, regular cleansing of dead skin cells, avoiding stress and regular physical activity. Of course, proper skincare that balances the skin and brings it to a healthy and radiant state is crucial. CBD cannabinoid is undoubtedly an active ingredient which, when it comes to acne skincare, is very promising. Why is CBD a great ally in the fight against acne?

CBD reduces the formation of sebum in sebaceous tissues

Clinical studies have shown that the CBD molecule reduces the formation of sebum in the sebaceous glands, which is highly desired in acne-prone skin care, as the formation of sebum is the most common culprit of acne.

CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

CBD carries out the complex anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions demonstrated also in many other experimental studies on diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Red acne (not blackheads) is the result of inflammatory skin changes that CBD cannabinoid can successfully calm down.