Jenna's story about her CBD Journey

I just want to say thank you for making a beautiful and easy to use the product. Seems like CBD is all the rage these days, so I started looking into all the amazing benefits. However, all the products I came across or that were recommended to me, looked like they belonged next to the energy drinks in a supplement shop - super intimidating. Finally, I came across Renew’s Instagram, and thought, wow, here’s a CBD company for me! That led me to their website. Thank you so much for clearly explaining the product on your page. It was an easy decision for me to purchase, and when I received my product, I was so happy with the packaging that included helpful information as well as clear instructions on how much to take (important for a first-time customer like me!) The bottle is also very clean and simple. Now that I’ve been taking CBD for a few weeks, I can say that without a doubt the product has improved my overall well-being. Thank you for making my decision to finally try CBD easy, I definitely will be taking advantage of the rewards program. Great product and great company.